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October 26th, 2019 - 8:00am

Pouring WaterAs a kickoff to Missions weekend, Join us at the Champions Campus on Saturday October 26th, for the first annual Champion Forest Baptist Church, 6K Fun Run for Clean Water. We are partnering with Baptist Global Response to raise the funds to provide clean water to more than 850 people in three different villages in East Asia. You may ask, why 6K? It’s because around the world on average, a person without immediate access to clean water will travel around 6 kilometers round trip, per day in order to get suitable drinking water.


To raise money that will provide clean water and a Gospel witness in East Asia. The average journey for clean water is 6 kilometers round trip.

Project: Water Distribution Systems for 3 Villages
Completion Date: March 31, 2020
Cost: $5,886
Outcome: Clean water for 3 villages, 850+ people in East Asia.
Many rural villages in East Asia rely on water sources that are either far away, heavily polluted with bacteria or pesticides, or unreliable, like the rainwater that only comes during the summer months. The levels of harmful bacteria—like E. coli—is far above the national standard. Over 90 percent of tested drinking water has been contaminated with fecal matter. Though the government involvement to solve this problem has increased, it’s not enough, especially for small villages.

And that’s where you help fill the void. You’re helping a BGR partner build new waters systems that will pipe clear water from springs directly into people’s homes! That’s quite a one-eighty from drinking polluted water. Springs will be covered and protected, and pipes will draw water to water tanks and then to individual taps in personal homes.

Project leaders will also train locals how to build and maintain these systems, so they can reproduce them on their own. Villagers will also receive sanitation and WASH training, so they can learn the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

By the end of the project, more than 800 people will have clean water in their homes and an infinitely healthier community. That’s incredible!

Prayer Requests:
  1. Pray the local church will catch the vision and start their own clean water projects in rural villages.
  2. Pray for cooperation within the team, staff, and volunteers who will help build the water systems.
  3. Please pray the water projects will change the spiritual and physical lives of villagers.

How You Can Participate:

Individual 6K Run
This means you will run the full 6K yourself, and will recieve a Tshirt.
Four Person Team Relay
In this option, each member of your four person team will run one leg, and recieve Tshirts.
1K Family Walk/Run
This is an option where you either walk or run one lap to support the cause while enjoying time with friends or family! Each person will get a Tshirt!
Tshirt Only
This is for those who aren't into long walks or running, but want to come support the cause for Clean Water! View Tshirt

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