Light the Night

Halloween Night - Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

What is Light the Night?

This is an opportunity for our church families to host an event at their home in a strategic neighborhood close to CFBC. This event will be held on Halloween night. CFBC will provide everything to the host family to make the event a success. It is like a party in a bag!

Being that October 31st is a Wednesday, we will also be having a prayer service for Light the Night at Champion Forest at 6:45pm. The English service will be in the FLC WC, and the Spanish service will be in the MultiPurpose Building.

Host Homes

CFBC will provide the host family with a bounce house, popcorn maker along with the required supplies, and some giveaways. We will provide you with a yard sign that will say Champion Forest Baptist Church Host Home in order to advertise the event. Hit the button below to signup.

Host Home Signup

Give Away Homes

CFBC will provide a giveaway home the give away items and a CFBC invite flyer. We are asking that when you open your door to give away candy that you include the free give away and flyer from CFBC to each child/family. Each give away home will receive 25 flashlights with an invite to CFBC.

No registration required for giveaway homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can host Light the Night?

We will target families who live in within a 10-mile radius of Champion Forest Baptist Church and who we can trust to make the event a huge success. We would love to see life groups come together to one home to work the event and host together.

What will be provided to the host family?

CFBC will arrange for a bounce house to be delivered to each host home on the day of the event. This will be used to draw kids to stay at the home while the parents visit with the host family. CFBC will also be providing invites to the church with a list of activities and time of services. The back of the card will have the gospel plan for salvation. We will also provide the host home with a small flashlight necklace with the church website on it. When the flashlight is handed out, we courage the host family to say something like “Champion Forest Cares about your child’s safety”. We encourage the host family to have someone hand the necklace flashlight directly to the child. The flashlights should only be given to a child. CFBC will also provide the home with a popcorn maker and the required supplies. Each host home will also be provided cards that guests will drop in a box to have their name drawn for a prize. The host family will be responsible to draw a winner and give the prize out on November 1st.

How will the neighborhood know about the event?

CFBC will provide Host Home signs that each host family can put in their yard to advertise the event. The signage will say CHAMPION FOREST BAPTIST CHURCH HOST HOME - OCTOBER 31ST 5:30-8:30 PM. The night of the event, the neighborhood will see the bounce house and all of the fun that is happening and it will draw a crowd. If a host home has a neighborhood newsletter, CFBC can provide the verbage to the host home to submit.

What will the host family be responsible for?

The host family will be responsible to recruit CFBC members to work with them. They will also need to have a table to set up the flashlights, flyers and popcorn on. The host family can add things to the party such as snow cones, face painting etc, but all things added need to be approved by CFBC to ensure that nothing unsafe or harmful to the reputation of CFBC is given out during the event.

When will a host home receive the popcorn maker and supplies?

All host families will be able to pick up the supplies on October 30th. The supplies will be picked up in the kids ministry offices and each host family will sign out the supplies from the office. The bounce house company will deliver the bounce house directly to the host home and will pick it up after the event as well.

How will we follow up with the families who attend a Light the Night?

All of the cards from the drawing boxes will be turned in to CFBC on Nov 1 and each card represented will receive a phone call from a CFBC staff member to make a connection.

How will host families return items to CFBC?

Popcorn machines will be returned along with the bounce houses to the vendor directly from your home.

Will host training be required?

The host family must have a background check completed and must go through our safe and secure program. We will also have 2 training dates to choose from (Sunday and a Wednesday). More details will follow once you are an approved host home.

For more information about this event, please contact Karen Starnes.