Design for Discipleship

We use terminology like “born again” and the “new birth” to describe what happens when a person comes to Christ. In addition to its doctrinal importance to us as a biblical concept, it is a wonderfully descriptive metaphor that helps us to understand more deeply what Jesus was teaching when He used it. Among other lessons, Jesus was helping us to know that when we show someone the way of salvation, we are responsible as parents to see that this child matures well. We would not leave an infant to defend itself, feed itself, or teach itself to live on the streets. Nor should we leave a new-born believer to try to figure out this new life without special training. That is the purpose of First Steps. It is our goal to teach the fundamentals of this new life and the basic disciplines that are needed in order to mature in the faith.


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Harvey Wheaton

Meeting Time

Sundays at 10:55am



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