The Context Bible

A one-year reading plan - the entire Bible through the lens of John, Acts, and Revelation.

With the Context Bible Reading Plan, you will read through the entire content of God’s Word, but in a way that provides needed context for the overarching message of God’s Word to us. The Context Bible reading plan is perfect for someone who is just beginning to explore God’s Word. But it will also challenge those who have been in the Word for years. And, it will be a fantastic guide to at-home family time in the Word.

A number of CFBC Life Groups will be following the plan throughout the year, using lesson content developed by our own Mark Lanier, who is pioneering The Context Bible. Suggested weekly lesson plans will be developed by our Adult Education staff. In addition, we are connecting this year’s Sunday sermons to The Context Bible’s weekly reading plan. That means that in every venue, students and adults as well as English and Spanish, we will be preaching messages that support and enhance our journey through God’s Word in a year.

Expository Notes

Every month we will provide the detailed Expository Notes from the Biblical Literacy Class that are being used in additional CFBC Life Groups this year. In addition to going a little deeper, these notes will help you better understand the context that connects the readings.

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