Dr. David Fleming

Senior Pastor

Dr. David Fleming was overwhelmingly chosen as Pastor of Champion Forest Baptist Church in December of 2006. He previously was the Senior Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia for almost four years. Preceding that, Dr. Fleming served on the staff at First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, Florida for six years. For his last three years at Daytona, David served as Co-Pastor alongside Dr. Bobby Welch (a past President of the Southern Baptist Convention). While completing his masters and doctorate course work, he served as Senior Pastor at New Zion Baptist Church in Covington, Louisiana. For three years David was also an Adjunct Professor, Preaching and Biblical Studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in Orlando.

David earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries, and a Ph.D. in Evangelism and Church Growth from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He was licensed to preach at the age of 17 at First Baptist Church, Winter Garden, Florida in 1982 and was ordained by New Zion Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana in 1992.

Growing up in Florida he was nurtured by godly parents who introduced him to God's Word at their local Baptist church. He answered God's call to salvation at age nine and felt the call to preach at the age of 14. He preached his first revival at the age of 18. While pursuing his education he worked in secular employment. God used that time to test and confirm His call. David fully realized that he could find real satisfaction only in obeying God's call to vocational ministry.

David states, "my passion is to preach God's word-so as to disciple, equip, build, and lead the Body of Christ-so as to reach and win the lost of our world for Jesus Christ." He is strongly committed to fulfilling the Lord's Commandments and the Great Commission in and through the balanced ministry of the local church. David is theologically conservative while contemporary in approaches to ministry. He is supportive of Baptist denominational efforts and has served the Southern Baptist Convention on the Credentials Committee and the Committee on Committees. He has also served as President of the Pastor's Conference in the Florida Baptist Convention. David's greatest desire is to be found faithful in the eyes of the Lord when he stands before Him one day.

David's wife, Beverly, has been his companion throughout his ministry, a strong supporter and loving wife. With a husband who is a Pastor, and three children who are very involved in various activities, it is easy for Beverly to refer to herself as a professional homemaker. She enjoys sharing her home to entertain guests and also enjoys interior decorating. Beverly has been involved in teaching women's Bible study, girls' youth Sunday School classes, and singing in the choir. David's mother says of Beverly, "She is the perfect pastor's wife!" David also agrees.

The Flemings have three children; Jonathan, Hannah, and Rebekah. Jonathan is actively involved in sports at his school. He sees athletics as an opportunity to glorify God. Through student ministry at church he serves in ministry projects and has been on two international mission trips. Hannah is involved in sports, playing basketball, soccer and softball. She loves Jesus and enjoys worship through singing. Hannah is a compassionate youth; going to the Ukraine to minister in an orphanage was a special event in her life. Rebekah also is involved in sports but adds cheering to her list of activities. She sings in her school chorus and is very creative. Rebekah is the comedian of the family.