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"They all joined together constantly in prayer." - Acts 1:14

As Christ followers, prayer is such a crucial part of our lives, but it's commonly overlooked or pushed to the side in the midst of our busy lives. We hope to strengthen the prayer life of our church, as well as each individual C3 member, in a way that brings glory to God and encourages one another to seek Him through prayer. We pray that C3 may experience Christ in a Mighty and new way through prayer. May God produce a greater passion for prayer in our hearts, that we may walk more intimately with Christ and reflect Him and His glory each day.

He is so worthy of our worship, prayers and lives. He longs for us to spend time in His presence, so that we may experience His love, grace, joy, and peace. We pray that we, as a church, may constantly surrender to Him and acknowledge Him as Lord, praising Him above all things.

The C3 Prayer Team meets each week to pray over specific prayer requests and for our church and our community. We would love for you to join this ministry as we serve the Lord and C3 through prayer!!

We would also love to pray for you and encourage you to send us any prayer requests!